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The Project

Moskito Valiente Sailing

This project is a love story that transforms dreams in reality!

We offer private and personalized liveaboard experiences with an entire catamaran for just one couple.

Our sailboat has a complete hull exclusively for 2 guests. The spaceous Green Suite has panoramic oceanview with queensize bed, multifunctional table and large toilet.

Our goal is to share our lifestyle at sea while we sail around the world traversing multiple destinations.

Honeymoons & anniversaries are our specialty!

Personalized itinerary & menu based on guest's preferences.

Daily sailings & overnight on different anchorages.

Breakfast and lunch included.

Guided water & land excursions included.

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French Polynesia is located on the South Pacific Ocean in between America and Australia. 

It has 5 archipelagos: Marquesas, Tuamotus, Australes, Gambier and Society.


Tuamotu is really a special place on this Planet. This archipelago has 75 atolls roughly dispersed along more than 900 miles making it the largest chain of atolls in the world, about the size of Western Europe.


We will be offering sailtrips in RANGIROA (the biggest atoll of Tuamotu) in JANUARY and FEBRUARY 2022.

Famous for the beauty of its unique turquoise clear waters and the abundance of underwater life, the Tuamotu Archipelago is a must-see destination for those who love the ocean.

Among the numerous water activities that are offered, sailing, scuba diving and snorkelling are the most popular but the lagoon inside the atolls also have ideal spots for windsurf, kitesurf and paddleboard.

The liveaboard option is by far the best way to explore the most remote and wildest places of the Tuamotu. The sailing inside the lagoons is usually very pleasant once the waters are protected and mostly flat. It is really like being on an immense aquarium!


Rangiroa means “Huge Sky” on the local dialect paumotu. It is the largest atoll in French Polynesia and the second largest atoll on the world. There are around 3.000 lucky people from all over the world living on this atoll. There are 3 villages on the atoll with a some charming restaurants, bars and pearl markets. 

From a geological point of view, the atoll originated out of delicate coral outgrowths on the summit of a underwater volcanic mountain.

This fabulous atoll is recognized worldwide for its exceptional underwater fauna: dolphins, sharks, reef and pelagic fish can be easily spotted there as well as humpback whales that come from Antarctica to breed and give birth on warmer waters (the peak season is between August and October).

There is a population of resident dolphins that are always on Tiputa's pass. We always to try our luck and take our guests with our inflatable boat (dinghy) out to the pass to try to see and respectfully snorkel with the dolphins always in a non-invasive way. The passes are very influenced by the tides so good timing is crucial when we go there.

In front of Tiputa’s pass you’ll see the snorkel/scubadive site called “Aquarium” where we always go from the boat with our dinghy to see enormous variety of colorful marine life at any time of the day no matter how the tide is behaving. This is a great spot for snorkeling and it is also ideal for scubadivers of any level.

We normally spend each night on a different anchorage depending on the activities we plan to do. Because of the many coral heads on the lagoon, we only navigate on day time when the sun helps us to see and avoid the reefs. For this reason, usually the spend the first and last night of our sailtrip on Otetu's anchorage in between the airport and Tiputa pass (this is our location on the Google Maps above). 

Depending on the wind, there are many incredibly paradisiac deserted places to visit inside Rangiroa’s lagoon such as:

  • Otetou (Tiputa pass and The Aquarium): this is our base anchorage  where the embarkment and disembarkment from our sailtrips in Rangiroa take place just a 5 min drive from the airport. From this anchorage we can easily go with our dinghy to Tiputa pass to see the dolphins and also to the Aquarium to snorkel and/or scubadive. In Otetou's village we can visit the Dolphin City and watch from land the dolphins jumping on the waves when the tide is going out of the lagoon. On this village there are some nice charming local restaurants, a couple of little markets and some small local business, Also from there we have access to the external reef beach that offers a beautiful long wild walk on low tide. 
  • The Île aux Récifs is our main sailing destination once it’s easily reached after a 3 hours of a tradewinds sail from our base anchorage in Otetou. The region has the singularity of presenting impressive fossil coral formations creating and drastic landscape on the external reef. It’s an amazing place to visit. Impressively there are some very social big pigs living freely on one motu of that zone that we usually see everytime we go there.
  • Les Sables Roses are pinkish sandbanks surrounded by deserted motus located on the extreme south corner of the atoll. Its a very good place to practice windsurf and kitesurf and also a great spot to birdwatch. We can only visit the Sables Roses on longer sailtrips due to its distant location.
  • The Blue Lagoon is a lagoon inside the lagoon, very shallow and isolated on the western part of the atoll. The spot is beautiful but very touristic, totally exposed to the predominant tradewinds and to the lagoon's fetch so unfortunately it is not ideal hard to be visited by sailboat once we must overnight due to its distant location. The best way to visit the Blue Lagoon is with a local speed boat on a day excursion.


The Society archipelago comprehends two groups of islands: Leeward Islands (Raiatea, Tahaa, Huahine, Bora-Bora & Maupiti) and Windward Islands (Tahiti & Moorea).


We will be offering sailtrips in Raiatea & Tahaa in March & April 2022.


Raiatea & Tahaa are two high volcanic islands that are inside one same large lagoon surrounded by coral reefs which allows us to sail around both islands on calm and protected waters.

They're not as known as Bora-Bora and Tahiti and not so crowded with resorts which makes them ideal scenarios to get to know the polynesian culture better.


RAIATEA is loaded of cultural and historical significance. Believed to be the original birthplace of the polynesian culture, this legendary island is a secret garden of ancient myths and hidden temples. Her unique and fascinating heritage gives the island of Raiatea an intriguing sense of place.

Many cultures believe that that the expansion of polynesians throughout the Pacific began on Raiatea from which large double-hulled sailing canoes set out to colonize Hawaii and New Zealand. For that reason, until today it is recognized as the most sacred island of French Polynesia.

The green-carpeted mountains of Raiatea rise to the idylic plateau and to the peak of Mt. Temehani that offers breathtaking panoramic views from all the Leeward Islands. We can anchor Moskito Valiente II close to the beginning of Mt. Temehani hike trail and we are always pleased to guide our guests on this epic hike.

There are many different anchorages that we can visit while sailing around Raiatea. The west coast is more wild and there we can find wonderful snorkel sites, local restaurants, deserted little islands and pearl farms. The east coast is more developed and urbanized where we can scubadive on the legendary Nordby wreck, visit the botanical garden and check out the sacred site of Taputapuatea Marae (from where the first polynesian navigators left to explore the Pacific Ocean). The airport and the main village of Uturoa are on the north part of the island, very close to the usual embarkment and disembarkment.


TAHAA is a secluded and quiet island that sweeps you deep into the typical polynesian easy going lifestyle. The only way to arrive in Tahaa is by boat as there is no airport on the island.

What makes the island of Tahaa truly known is vanilla. The polynesian vanilla is known throughout the world for its unique flavor and Tahaa is the center of production. More than 70% of all vanilla in French Polynesia comes from this island. There are a few vanilla farms opened to the public on the west coast that we’re happy take our guests to visit if they wish.

The north of the islands has plenty of deserted motus (tiny islands) with white sand beaches, coconut trees and turquoise shallow waters that we can visit and be totally alone. The north of the lagoon has many nice coral reefs that are good for snorkeling and good scubadive sites for beginners there too.

The west coast of the Vanilla Islands offers everyday spectacular sunsets with a dramatic view of Bora Bora on the background.

There we can visit the famous Coral Gardens, where our guests can snorkel while floating with a gentle current on top of colorful coral reefs with many different species of reef fishes.

the sailboat

Moskito Valiente Sailing

Our Unique Catamaran

MOSKITO VALIENTE II is a 35 ft sport / cruising catamaran comfortably set up for permanent liveaboard & fully equipped for offshore sailing.

The interior has two private suites – one in each hull – with panoramic views. Each suite has large bathroom and a queensize bed.

The exterior has many different gathering areas such as the cockpit, deck, bow trampolins & stern swim platform.

There are plenty of toys on board! Paddleboard, complete gear for snorkel, scubadive, windsurf & spearfish, inflatable auxiliar boat, barbacue, hammocks, board games, beach games, projector for movies and much more…

This sailboat is unique & special because it was completely refitted by and only us..!


Crew Area

The port hull Red Suite is the Crew Area where the galley (kitchen) is located with a huge fridge, stove and our stylish black sink.

This is where all the electronics, navigation system and control panels are located.

The Red Suite also comprehends the crew´s private zone with our bed and toilet.

Kuna is only allowed to access this area of the interior of the boat when we have guests.


Guest Area

The starboard hull Green Suite is the Guest Area.

It has a panoramic ocean view from the bed with large windows that can be easily blinded by curtains.

This suite has a queensize bed, a large table with two seats and a very well ventilated toilet for our guest´s absolute privacy and comfort.

The toilet has a electric discharge and a focet with fresh water.

Showers are always taken outside on the swim platform.



personalized sailtrips

Personalized trips in French Polynesia


Our boat is ideal for private sailing charters for just two people, specially couples.
Unique itineraries and menus are carefully elaborated for each sailtrip based on our guest’s preferences, restrictions and weather condition.



Sail, snorkel, paddleboard, hike, BBQ on the beach and excursions with inflatable boat are just some of the activities that are included on the price of all sailtrips.
We are qualified scubadive and windsurf instructors and those extra activities are available upon request.

Discover the polynesian culture

Get to know both ancient and modern way of life of the South Pacific culture by meeting the locals, their islands and seas.

Get the taste of Moskito Valiente

Our healthy food is carefully prepared with local fresh ingredients and lots of love. Vegetarian and vegan menus available.

Connect with nature around you

Enjoy each opportunity to respectfully see wild animals where they really live.

Keep in shape while living aboard

The atolls, lagoons and volcanos provide perfect conditions to surf, kitesurf, windsurf, paddleboard, scubadive, snorkel, hike and bicycle.
Onboard Meals

Foods & Drinks

Breakfast & Lunch

The liveaboard experience includes two meals per person per day prepared by the crew.

Usually breakfast and lunch, depending on the itinerary of each day.

Extra meals

Extra meals can happily be cooked by the crew for additional price.

Sailor Meal or Special Meal are available upon request including carnivorous, vegetarian & vegan options.

Bring Your Own Food and Drinks

Guests are welcome to embark with their drinks & foods (that don´t require use of stove for preparation).


Potable water for drinking is unlimited. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages can be purchased onboard (beer, wine, rhum, juices and sodas).

Barbacue On The Beach

Every sailtrip includes a bone fire BBQ on the beach starting at sunset time.



Check out a few testimonials from our previous guests so you can have an idea of what they liked the most during their sailtrip with us!

Based on 10 reviews.
Anders Brejner
Anders Brejner
Fantastic experience and very nice hosts. A great way to experience another type of lifestyle with Andreia, José and their lovely dog and crew member, Kuna. Clean and good space in private cabin incl. private bathroom. Good food prepared onboard but also option for restaurants. This is not a hotel or tourist yacth, but an experience into the lifestyle and more inner peace🏝
Guest Account
Guest Account
If you have ever dreamt of spending a few nights on a catamaran, then you should consider joining the Moskito Valiente on a leg of their journey. I highly recommend you check their website and hop in! We just had the most amazing five days sailing around Rangiroa and Taha'a with Andreia, Jose and Kuna. The best part, by choosing them, is that you can decide how you are going to spend your day, as you don't have to follow someone else's schedule. You can snorkel, scuba dive (lessons with Andreia), windsurf (take lessons with Jose), paddle board, spear fish, etc. For a more relaxed time, simply enjoy the sailing and relax on the deck, sunbathe, or visit motus while anchoring every night in another stunningly beautiful place. For us, this trip also made it possible to see the islands from a perspective you simply cannot have from land. Before the trip, we had no idea how we would get used to life on a boat, but Andreia and Jose made everything seem easy and comfortable, maintaining a pleasant atmosphere throughout the trip. Ohh, and the meals they prepared for us!!! (you have 2/day included) Ask Jose for his authentic Spanish Tortilla. The catamaran has been recently beautifully and tastefully refitted by the two of them, who are both experienced sailors. This has been their dream project and their home for the past years, and they do a great job welcoming guests aboard. We immediately made friends with Kuna, the 3rd member of the crew, and couldn't resist spoiling her every day with treats. About the catamaran: amenities are accurately described on their website, and we found it even more comfortable than expected. Our guest area (bedroom and bathroom) was very cute, with good ventilation (and a fan we did not have to use). Storage space is limited but practical and it's easy to have everything organized and handy (just don't bring large, rigid suitcases). Although the bed is comfortable, I found that one of my favorite places on the boat was the hammock. Power is available with the help of solar panels and a wind generator (batteries onboard provide electricity during the night). There is also a water desalination system but since fresh water is limited, we took showers on the swim platform. Bring USB-A cables for your electronics (there's a dual plug in the cabin). There is also a 220V plug. Thank you guys for an unforgettable vacation!
Kirill Prokopenko (kprokopenko)
Kirill Prokopenko (kprokopenko)
Sailing on Moskito Valiente was the last part and the pinnacle of our 3 weeks trip to French Polynesia. Before that we stayed in overwater bungalows in Moorea and Bora-Bora, but now looking back at the whole trip, I would totally change nights in $1000+/night bungalows for a longer sail with José, Andréia and Kuna. With Moskito Valiente you get never ending overwater experience, snorkeling, swimming with wildlife, sailing between motus, sunrises and sunsets, those insane stars you can sleep under on a trampoline, breakfasts, lunches and dinners (always get gourmet, trust me ;)) and most of all, a company of a wonderful couple who after some time feel like your best friends that you love and want always be with. Although at some point I even had a silly thought that they were probably going to harvest and sell our organs or something, because it just cannot be real, how much you get and how nice they are! But it was real, we were in a paradise. It is an experience for life and I'm forever grateful that it happened to us. Google, please give them 6 stars!
Gary Niedermann
Gary Niedermann
Best experience EVER!! My partner, two friends and I traveled to Mo’orea for our 40th birthday celebration.  We spent two nights with Andréia, José and Kuna and from the moment we arrived until we disembarked, they could not have made our experience more special!  After we initially booked our stay, they were very good with communication as to what our likes and dislikes were.  We opted for the “Sailor Menu” and we were very pleased with every meal they prepared.  Drinks on board were reasonably priced.  I get seasick very easily and I was a little worried about that being aboard for so long, but the way the boat moved was very relaxing and felt like we were being rocked to sleep at night.  They have everything you will need on board including use of a paddle board and snorkeling equipment.  They have a dinghy that is used to embark and disembark.  They also use it to take you on excursions which are all a part of the experience.  Andréia and José want nothing more than to make your trip the most memorable.  We enjoyed our time with them so much, that we still keep in touch with them today!  Do not hesitate for a moment to book time with them!  We cannot wait to get back and spend more time on Moskito!
Monica Maria
Monica Maria
Mako Shigedomi
Mako Shigedomi
The most welcoming, goodhearted and powerful people you want to be with 💙
Luisa Galiza
Luisa Galiza
Um casal querido, um lugar incrível, um barco dos sonhos, uma experiência pra vida! ❤️
Joel Nelson
Joel Nelson
We sailed with José, Andréia and Kuna around Tahiti and Moorea last summer. Gracious hosts, great cooks and fun people. We had a customized, dream vacation in paradise. We hope to go again once borders open up!
monica coelho krahenbuhl
monica coelho krahenbuhl
Adoro navegar! Estar com o Moskito Valiente foi uma das melhores navegações que já vivenciei! José, Andreia e a cachorrinha Kuna foram grandes hospedeiros. Nos proporcionaram caminhadas, mergulhos e diversões que vão ficar para sempre em nossa história. Obrigada!
Lair Krahenbuhl
Lair Krahenbuhl
Foi uma das melhores experiências que já tive! Navegação, mergulho e caminhadas pelas ilhas sensacionais. A tripulação composta pela Andreia e José foram de uma atenção diferenciada e cuidadosa. Falando em português, espanhol ou inglês nos sentimos muito á vontade. A relação do benefício / custo é muito acessível e a alimentação espetacular